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Fairy Knot…

I found my very first Single Strand Knot! I thought these were some kind of fairytale… I thought the whole natural hair community was lying to me! For the life of me I could not understand exactly how hair could wrap and loop up on itself to form these little buggers. Now I know. First hand!

I stepped out the shower after my usual wash and go routine and I started examining the hair on my hands to see if they where still connected to the bulbs (shed hair) or torn hairs (breakage) only found 1 torn whoo hoo!. And low and behold, there this infamous knot was.

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(on my ring finger… Do you see it?)

I then held the bulb end between my fingers of one hand and used my fingers of my other hand to slide down from root to tip to get a feeling of how they feel so, maybe, I can recognize one when I’m manipulating my hair at any given moment. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t really feel the knot. Then how could I ever feel one of knots in the mist of a clump of hair when I’m detangling or styling, if ever it gets long enough to? And if I found one that mean it might be others… And I have no idea how to find them.

Sooo how serious is this “condition”? In my research, I’ve heard a lot about it, but I never heard anyone say SSK’s made their hair fall out, stop growing, or create more split ins. So what’s the severity of these little things?

It was on a “shed” hair, so I assume the SSK itself didn’t cause it to fall out. Or did it?



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2 thoughts on “Fairy Knot…

  1. I like the blog site layout ! How did you make it!? Its rather nice.

    • Hi! I didn’t make it, it’s a theme available here at called Bold Life by Jay Hafling and I customized the background picture. Thank you, glad you like it!

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