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Miguel’s Arch & Point

How Hawt is this? How hawt is he? Yes Lawd!


White Specks and New Leave In’s

My Darcy’s Botanicals Cocoa Bean and the Pumpkin Seed Condish will be here tomorrow! I can. not. wait. I’ve heard sooo many good things about these products… Actually about Darcy’s B period!

I hope they work out because I’ve shied away from using regular drug store rinse out (RO) conditioners, such as Tresemme Naturals (TN), as my leave in’s (LI) and now I only have one tried and true LI. Don’t get me wrong, the RO’s like TN keep my hair moisturized and don’t cause me to get build up, but they do have a bad habit of lathering in my hair. My hair is low porosity in various areas, so it takes forever to dry and until it does (6-7 hours later!), I have white lather in my hair in a those spots. And after it’s dry, I have dry lather left over. Not cute.


See the dry white specks?

I played with the products I owned and began putting Shea Moisture’s Curl and Style Milk (SMCASM) on top of the RO conditioner and had better (as in not complete) success with the “white” plus it acted as a sealer, but do you know how long it takes for this combo to dry? 10 hours!! I have all of 2.5 inches of hair! I don’t really know how long my hair is in inches. I’m trying to make a point here people. There had to be a better way. So I played with the ratios not real mathematical computation. Stay with me now and eased up on the RO before using the SMCASM. It now took 6-7 hours to dry like using a RO alone, just without as much white. Okay, now we were getting somewhere.

Then I gave gels a try (I’ve tried L’oreal Everstyle No-Alcohol Gel and recently Kiss My Face Upper Management Gel) and figured out that, in the right proportion, it also helps cut down on the white when I paired it with a RO without the SMCASM. Still not good enough.

Finally, for the past month I’ve been rinsing out all the conditioner and using SMCASM exclusively as my LI. And guess what? There is no white lather or dried white specks! On top of that, it dries in 4-5 hours! As my Grannie would say — Hotdog! I got frizz at first, so I started adding gel on top. Perfect. Only took me 3 months to figure it out.

So that brings me to Darcy’s Botanicals. I need more LI’s!! I think SMCASM is great. Then I thought: How do I really know it’s great if I don’t have anything to compare it to? Hmmm? Riddle me that…

Give me a week, I’ll let you know!

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