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Let’s Jam in Alabama!

So I’ve just cleaned up at Curl Mart and I definitely didn’t plan on buying any more products this month, but I went away for the weekend (supposedly on my way to Atlanta, but made an impromptu stop in Alabama don’t ask because I don’t know either) and ran across Let’s Jam Custard randomly at Walgreens!! I’ve been in and out of Walgreens, CVS’s, Targets, and Walmarts home in Florida looking for this product since I first heard about it from Jesse of Mahogany Curls back in April. This product has been soo elusive.  I eventually gave up and came to the conclusion that Florida has a ban on it. I couldn’t even find it on the black market. So when I saw it during my usual-walk-through-of-the-product-aisle-even-though-all-I-came-for-is-an-emergency-water-squirt-bottle, I cleaned the shelf! Who knows when I’ll run across it again. I walked out with 3 containers of Let’s Jam Custard. Alabama’s Walgreens is where it’s at!

I’m playing with my Oyin’s Hair Dew this week, but I cannot wait to get my hand in the Custard. Stay tuned for the update!


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