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Can’t Deny A Jheri Curl Today!

Yea… So I ran out of gel yesterday and this morning, mid cowash, I suddenly remembered. There was an eerie hush and the water ran cold… What do I do? I’ve never done my hair without gel. I’ve heard ladies on Natural Hair Nation trying conditioner only Wash and Go’s when testing out products, but never have I styled my hair with only conditioner! I live in Florida… High Dew Point Central!

I had no choice in the matter. I used the corner I had left of my beloved Darcy’s Botanical Pumpkin Seed Conditioner. I used this instead of the Oyin Hair Dew, which I’ve been favoring of late, because the dew has a lighter lotion-y feel whereas the DB was heavier. It was 5 am and made sense to me: The oilier, the stronger the hold.

No sooner did I shake my hair out did the fluff start. Which was coo’. I want big hair. It actually reminded me of good third day hair. My worry was that it would fluff to the point of no return by the time it dried.

It’s 4pm now. It did not fluff out. It is fluffy and a tad frizzy like I’ve had my hand in my head and unraveled most of the corkscrews, but very wearable. But lawd, the shine! My hair is shinier than a waxed 2015 Covette at a car show. It looks oily! Oily to the point that it could possibly drip oil or **gasp** Jheri Curl Juice at any moment!

This is the last look I need. I’ve been asked “Do you have a ‘curl’?” more times than I care to answer in the past, so today’s hair is not doing me justice. If someone ask me today, lawd know, it’s going to be hard to deny.


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