Curls and Lipstick

My Curly Girly Life


How did I get here??

I don’t even think I have yet fully grasp the vast difference in taking care of  non-permed hair compared to permed hair. Like what?! My hair LOVES water?? That’s kray. I thought back to when I was little and I was so intrigued by how white people could wash their hair so often and if I were to do it it was the worst thing ever. If my Grannie could see my hair dripping now!

My Grannie had my permed religiously since I was 5-6 or 7 years old. My Grannie would NOT have a “nappy head” grandchild! When my Mama found out, she had a fit! But it was too late. I would be subject to that creamy formula for the rest of my life until I woke up…

I can see how my Grannie thought perming my hair was the only logical thing to do. She was from the “souf”, very old fashioned, and she bought HEAVILY into that light-skin-straight-hair-is-beautiful mentality and that there was no other ‘attractive’ alternative. This made her hate her big flat nose and her flawless dark skin and loved her light skinned granddaughters… I have forgiven her for her ignorance. It pangs me to see that this mentality is still alive today, sometime blatantly, but more times unknowingly. I’m not saying that this is why a lot of ladies now-a-day opt to have perms. Not at all! I just am sickened by the history BEHIND why generations before us even started getting them in the first place!

Because of the history of the belief that looking more European is more beautiful, is why I cut my hair! I love OUR hair, OUR skin. Follow me on my journey of awakening. I’m learning new things everyday about my new-found hair and I want to share it with you… Learn from you!

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