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These Curls are Mine!?!

It took me FOREVER to learn to finagle my natural hair. While getting used to having curly hair, after having straight hair all my life, I felt that anything I did would mess up my curls. It was like I had a curl complex. Maybe because every time I got my permed hair curled it never lasted for more than a day between me being a head sweater (not like the clothing “sweater” people, like sweat sweat — perspiration geez) and me not knowing how to wrap my hair up properly at night to preserve those curls. It never stayed looking good so it was a waste and a hassle. So when I started on my curly hair journey, every time I did things like sleeping, cowashing, spraying it with water, etc., it gave me a slight anxiety (can you have “a slight anxiety”?) and a voice in my head always said “they’re not going to coming back… Watch!” or “you ruined them!”.  Oh and you should have seen me when I decided to incorporated combs back into my regimen after being an exclusive finger detangler; I would handle my hair like stemware because I didn’t want my curls to fall! Talk about having a permed mindset!

I had to get out of that fast. Even after my curls bounced back repeatedly (right before my eyes), day after day, after washing and going or reviving a WNG from severe bedhead by spraying with some water, I still wasn’t convinced. I had to literally sit down and make myself realize that this was how my hair is now. This is its natural state and nothing short of using chemicals or mistreating it, like withholding moisture or not managing split ends, could prevent it from not curling. When I finally got that through my thick skull (it is so hard to UNLEARN!), my hair and I made a deal; if I did my part and gave it what it needed everyday (moisture and creamy nutrient-rich leave ins), then it would continue to show out!

I can do that!

Did you walk on eggshells while manipulating your newly natural doo, too?


My Hair Tid Bits

I have a thick head of hair. Whoda Thunk? Not that my hair was on the thin side when it was permed, it was full, but I don’t think it could be classified as thick. That’s exciting. Could I be on my way to disrespectfully BIG hair???

My actual hair strands are super fine though, but they are densely packed on my head making it thick. I guess I can see why my Grannie permed my hair in the first place. It wasn’t exactly common when I was little to saturate hair with water and conditioner before a good detangling session. And to get through this right here? Without water?? Yea… No go. I wouldn’t dare try it.

I’ve also see that the my edges are a tad spacey on the left side of my head. I believe it’s from when I was wrapping my straight hair before bed. For those who don’t know, wrapping your hair is when you comb/brush your hair around your head kind of like a beehive in order to preserve the straightness of the hair. I religiously wrapped my hair every night.  I would wrap my hair from the left side swooping to the right and around my head. Thinking back, I remember my edges on that side being sore; like at the actual follicle level. I was causing stress in that area because I was going against the grain (brushing it upward) constantly thus, irritating the follicles. It was especially sore right after I got a retouch because my scalp had been stripped of all oils so it was super dry and my hair was not immediately pliable. But as my head accumulated sebum and I oiled my scalp, the soreness eventually subsided and didn’t hurt again until the next retouch. This was a cycle. I hadn’t noticed the damage until now. I’m surprised at how I have any edges at all between me wrapping my hair and me rocking my everyday ponytail.

Any who, back to my natural hair. Here is the run down–

About my hair and how I care for it:

  • I don’t have “a curl” <— I get this question ALL the time. I assume they’re talking about a Jheri Curl… I’ve only had a perm to straighten my hair and I’ve had them continuously since I was around 5-7 years old. I got retouches every 3-4 months. I’ve been chemical independent since summer 2011 and I big chopped Febuary 15, 2012!
  • I have microscopically thin individual strands with a small amount of medium strands scattered throughout. I have a lot of these individual strands though, making my hair thick.
  • I do not manipulate my hair at all while dry! If want to use my fingers to make a part, or bobby pin a piece here or there, I mist my hair with water. I definitely don’t detangle (finger or otherwise) if it’s not sopping wet and slathered with conditioner.
  • I re-wash and go mostly everyday. If I skip a day, I revitalize the bedhead look by squirting my hair with my nifty spray bottle-o-water, then I might follow up with Shea Moisture Curl and Shine Mist. I rarely go no more than 2 days without completely redoing my hair.
  • I find that I cannot use rinse out conditioners as leave in’s as they lather/froth and, most time, leave a white cast in my hair after it dries (which can take 8-10 hours!). I use conditioners/creams/puddings especially specified to be used as a leave in with the exception of some deep conditioners, such as CJ Curl Rehab.
  • Avoid glycerin as the Florida climate I live in doesn’t allow for it. The dew points are 70 and above right now!
  • I’m not protein sensitive – I don’t avoid them in the regular amounts in regular products. I don’t do protein treatments, though.
  • I have not used silicones in my routine, though I can see the benefits others have with them. I haven’t had any issues retaining moisture, so I don’t need it as a sealer. Detangling is pretty easy using a slippery conditioner, so I don’t need it as a detangler. Also, I only shampoo every other week, so they could cause build up or block moisture until I thoroughly cleanse my hair again.
  • Extremely afraid of heat and heat damage. I’ve had straight hair all my life and at this time I have no desire to straighten or see any lengh.


  1. Issue: Spacey left sided edges Intervention: Apply jojoba oil on edges at night to create a barrier between the band on my bonnet and my hair: It could cause more damage because it sits and rubs right on my edges. Also, no pulled back styles (I have a TWA… Not that hard!).
  2. Issue: Prevent whiteness from leave in’s Intervention: Avoid frothy rinse out conditioners. Use a creamier, slightly heavier leave in, like ones specifically made to be left in.
  3. Issue: Reverse whiteness post product application Intervention: *insert Homer – Doh! here* I’m not sure how to go about doing that yet.

That’s all I have for now. I will add/delete/check off/modify as things change.

Let’s Jam in Alabama!

So I’ve just cleaned up at Curl Mart and I definitely didn’t plan on buying any more products this month, but I went away for the weekend (supposedly on my way to Atlanta, but made an impromptu stop in Alabama don’t ask because I don’t know either) and ran across Let’s Jam Custard randomly at Walgreens!! I’ve been in and out of Walgreens, CVS’s, Targets, and Walmarts home in Florida looking for this product since I first heard about it from Jesse of Mahogany Curls back in April. This product has been soo elusive.  I eventually gave up and came to the conclusion that Florida has a ban on it. I couldn’t even find it on the black market. So when I saw it during my usual-walk-through-of-the-product-aisle-even-though-all-I-came-for-is-an-emergency-water-squirt-bottle, I cleaned the shelf! Who knows when I’ll run across it again. I walked out with 3 containers of Let’s Jam Custard. Alabama’s Walgreens is where it’s at!

I’m playing with my Oyin’s Hair Dew this week, but I cannot wait to get my hand in the Custard. Stay tuned for the update!

Curly Girl Method Fits


I’m one month post big chop and so far on my natural journey I’ve found that the Curly Girl Method (CG Method) is agreeing with me. Not only because it’s kept my hair healthy, detangled, and defined, but because it aligns so perfectly with my overall health practices, also.

For the past few years I have been working on fortifying my body by keeping harmful chemicals out of it. I try to eat a very clean and wholesome diet complete with exercise and plenty of rest. I stay away from processed, fast food, and impurities such as artificial preservatives. Basically I eat thing that grow directly from the ground (yanno… twigs and berries) and roam the fields (not a big meat eater but I’ll tear some eggs up!) I soooo wish I could buy all my food from Whole Foods, but have you seen their prices??? This is why I think this hair care method “spoke” to me. I like that Lorraine Massey stresses botanically filled hair care products.

The CG Method excludes harsh chemicals such as sulfates, silicones, and artificial preservatives. Even in follow this method, there are so many products with alternative “less harsh” chemicals. I love Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner and Shea Moisture’s line, for example, because of their wholesome ingredients. I can pronounce everything!

In creating this blog and my YouTube channel, I hope to eventually branch out and try other wholesome hair products maybe make and try my own recipe? Yikes!.

Any who, I hope my blog is helpful and informative to you!

Love and no-hair-grease,


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